I am a plant ecologist. I’m interested in the physical processes linking environmental variation to plant physiology, and how this “scales up” to influence higher-level patterns and processes. My research is interdisciplinary and draws on various fields including ecology, plant physiology, engineering, and geoscience. You can find out more about my research on Google Scholar and ResearchGate.

Currently, I’m a postdoc in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona. I lead the integration of ecophysiological, plant trait, and ecosystem measures of tropical forest biome function in the Biosphere 2. My mentors are Brian Enquist, Scott Saleska, and Peter Troch. I am also part of an NSF MacroSystems group Experimental Macroecology: Effects of Temperature on Biodiversity.

In summer 2018, I will be joining the University of British Columbia as assistant professor in the Department of Botany and the Biodiversity Research Centre. I’m currently looking for graduate students and postdocs to Join us!